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Menstrual Cycle Clocks

The Inner Seasons Menstrual clock tracks your menstrual cycle and supports daily awareness by guiding you to your own true North. Exploring the 4 phases of your cycle, with the Inner Seasons to guide you, is an empowering adventure that transforms the way you experience your body and life as a woman.

Moon Phase Clocks

Our Moon Phase clocks bring the energetics of the current Moon phase directly into your home or work space. The hand makes a full rotation in 29.5 days so you’ll always know what phase the Moon is in. It can be used alongside the Menstrual Cycle clock and also by women no longer menstruating who wish to continue living in a cyclical way.


SAVE £12.00 when you buy 2 clocks with our 48 page e-book Natural Cycles 

SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICE £64.94  (Normally £76.94)

e-book: Natural Cycles

Our beautifully illustrated 48 page digital guidebook is packed with practical, accessible information to help you align with the natural cycles. Now includes a bonus chapter: Navigating Premenstrual Challenges

One-to-One Mentoring

Private sessions are the perfect way to explore how you can nurture and love all 4 phases in a way that suits your lifestyle. Experience better relationships, balance your emotions and achieve more in life so you feel truly blessed to be a woman. 

Chart Poster

The Chart poster is a beautiful focal point to bring inspiration to your natural cycles providing at-a-glance guidance for the 4 phases, or ‘Inner Seasons’ to remind you of the influences and activities that enhance and support your life.

Women’s Circle Cloth

Beautiful cloth with our menstrual cycle map.

Can be used as a central altar and inspirational focal point to enhance your Women’s Circles. Also great for a personal meditation mat. 

Circle Cloth bundle

Beautiful cloth as a central altar for your Women’s Circles bundled with 5 large chart posters.

Womb Blessing/Healing

The Womb Healing is a supportive hands-on healing that helps to balance the four female archetypes, restore energy centres and release energetic blocks.

Radiant Goddess Retreat

This is a personal retreat like no other. See yourself through the eyes of an artist on a guided creative journey of self-expression. Together you’ll create a series of Goddess portraits to help you step into the fullness of your womanly power.

Wisdom Dial

The World’s 1st automated menstrual cycle and moon phase clock comes complete with a chart poster and 48-page guidebook.