When we reconnect with the phases of our menstrual cycle, we connect with the power of the Earth cycle and the wisdom of the seasons.

The female menstrual cycle is so much more than a hormonal rhythm that consists of periods and childbearing and takes us on a rollercoaster emotions: it’s a portal to our individual creativity, intuition and authentic feminine power.

In the same way that nature has an annual cycle of seasons, women have a monthly cycle of seasons that we call the menstrual cycle. There are four distinct phases called Inner Seasons, which affect our body and brain chemistry due to a rise and fall of our hormone levels. By living in awareness of of our cyclical nature and in a way that’s in harmony our natural flow, we’re guided to our own true North, on an empowering adventure that transforms the way we experience our body and life as a woman.

Each Inner Season lasts from 6 to 9 days and gives us access to heightened abilities and creative gifts that unlock inspirational and unexplored aspects of our feminine nature. Unlocking the gifts of this creative cycle and awakening these sleeping parts of ourselves is easy with some daily awareness of where we are in our hormonal cycle and some simple guidance. After 11 years of working with my own cycle, I created a set of beautiful, practical tools for women who want more than just another app to connect them to their natural rhythm. The support these products have given me and 1000’s of our customers in remembering our body’s natural wisdom is immeasurable.

The Inner Seasons Menstrual Cycle Clock, Guide and Chart

This map and compass will help you stay present to the wisdom of your physical body, improve your relationships and live ‘in flow’ with your natural rhythm.

Many women experience a rise and fall of energy throughout the month, but only a few harness the full creative power of their natural hormonal rhythm. The majority of girls aren’t properly educated about the phases of the menstrual cycle in school; even as women, essential information about how we can work WITH our hormonal cycle is rarely shared or spoken about.

The four phases of the menstrual cycle are similar in nature to the four seasons of the year, which is why we refer to them as Inner Seasons. If you think about it, it makes sense that our inner cycle mirrors the four seasons of nature, as both cycles are designed to create and sustain life. So, when you understand each of the four Inner Seasons and how they affect your body and brain chemistry, you’ll be kinder to yourself at times when you’re likely to feel sensitive and you’ll be able to push yourself when you’re fully energised and primed for a challenge.

Instead of trying to navigate the hormonal sea of mental, emotional and physical fluctuations blindfolded, why not reach out for a map and compass and trade that blindfold for a freedom flag?

These beautiful clocks bring daily awareness of where you are in your menstrual cycle: just set the hand to day 1 when your period starts and the hand moves forward once a day (making a full rotation in 29 days). As you reconnect with your body’s natural rhythm, you’ll unlock inspirational aspects of your feminine nature and love being a woman every day of the month.

What’s in the box?

  • Menstrual Cycle Clock – This is your compass, it makes a full rotation in 29 days and is ready to hang (requires 1 x AA battery not included) Size: 15cm / 5.90”
  • Menstrual Cycle Chart – Here’s your map, with keywords for being ‘in flow’ with each Inner Season. Size: 15cm / 5.90”
  • A beautifully illustrated quick start guide with practical information on how to embrace each phase or Inner Season
  • An invitation to join our private Facebook support group

An easy first step towards self-empowerment.

It takes time to make significant changes in life, and sometimes the first step is often the hardest. Having a guide and practical tools to aid your journey will make it a whole lot easier, I can promise you that!  

Inner Seasons provides women and their families with practical, beautiful tools, that gift us the knowledge, language and confidence to speak openly about a topic we’ve been taught to ignore for decades. And when women talk, we can move mountains!

“Your menstrual cycle is a superpower that will help you develop a positive relationship with your body, where you feel grounded and able to hear the whispers of your womb. By staying present to the wisdom of your physical body, you’ll be able to live in the natural flow of life and maximise the gift of being a woman. Connected with your intuition and with a deeper understanding of your emotional patterns, you will amplify your creative potential, boost your sensuality and access your true feminine power.”

Samjhana Moon

Director of Inner Seasons Ltd


Our beautifully illustrated 48 page digital guidebook is packed with practical, accessible information to help you align with the natural cycles. Now includes a bonus chapter: Navigating Premenstrual Challenges

If you’d told me three months ago that I’d be writing this testimonial I’d have laughed! To say I was sceptical would be an understatement. I REALLY didn’t think that what seems like a simple “clock” could make any difference to my energy, pain or productivity levels. I’m happy to say I was wrong!

Working in sync with my menstrual cycle is one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself. It’s taught me how to listen to my body, my period pain has decreased significantly and my energy levels are through the roof! It’s even deepened my relationship with my husband. I’m a busy business owner and the last three months have been my most productive in ages – the proof is in my bank account!

Julia Bernard-Thompson

Business Coach

I love my Moon clock! We have it in the office. It’s great if you can’t see the Moon and you want to know which phase you’re in. A quick glance and you’re completely up-to-date. It just needs a tiny adjustment once a month to keep it 100% accurate.

 Brilliant idea, beautifully made!

Yasmin Boland

Moonologist, Astrologer and Hay House Author, moonology.com