Inner Seasons Mandalas

Once a month I gather the flora and fauna of the season and make an offering to the earth by creating a beautiful mandala. It’s a meditation and ritual I’ve woven into my moon time on day 3 or 4 of my menstrual cycle. These seasonal offerings to Gaia that guide us home to love and invite us to connect with the growth, abundance, healing and wisdom of the seasons. It’s a blessing to share these portals with you. 

High quality prints and products are available as inspirational artwork for your meditation sessions, altar space, sister circles, treatment rooms and work space. They also make a lovely gift for birthdays, anniversaries, rituals and celebrations.

Each mandala has a title and the month it was created. Making it easy to select a print aligned with the birth month as a gift for yourself of a loved one.  


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Samjhana Moon - Reconnect Magazine

As seen in Reconnect Magazine 

“I began offering mandalas to the earth many moons ago, as a ritual and meditation practice to connect my womb cycle to the earth cycle. Their beauty comes as a result of my commitment to show up every month, lay hands on the earth and be guided. I gather foliage intuitively and with gratitude, only taking what’s in abundance. The mandalas are left to return to the earth.

It brings me great pleasure to share these sacred offerings with you. I invite you to spend time with them and receive their magic as you journey through the seasons of the year or the Inner Seasons of your menstrual cycle. Ideally as prints as this removes the interference of technology and allows you to receive the full power of the mandala in your hands.


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