The Inner Seasons Clock is the most exciting product we’ve seen in years!

UK Stockist


I love my menstrual cycle clock! It’s so useful and pretty as well. I love how it supports me on my path as a cyclical woman and how much easier the clock makes it to integrate my menstrual wisdom in my daily life.

Josianne von Quittenduft


These clocks are fantastic! Now I don’t have to think all day, “which menstrual day am I on?” I only have a look at my clock. I have the map face design and I love how the practical tips on the clock-face remind me of that things I can do for my health and wellbeing in each phase of my cycle. I myself teach workshops for women about the menstrual cycle and I’m purchasing a batch of clocks to sell to my attendees as I think they’re such a great resource.

Silvia Wildisen

Place to be nurnatur

The quality of the clock is really good. I have the map face clock and I absolutely love the design as I can read the emotions and tell what stage I am in my cycle at the same time. The clock is so different to an app and has had such a positive impact on how I show up in every aspect of life.

I previously took natural remedies to help with the change in hormones during my cycle, but would still experience ‘mood swings’ in between. Since I’ve started using the menstrual clock I’ve been able to truly honour the different stages of my cycle and tune into my emotions. I now know when it’s time to rest so that I can fully embrace each and every day.

Joanna Azzabi-lingham

Business Consultant, Floreo

Thank you sooo much for these amazing tools that I can easily assimilate into my daily life! I bought the bundle with both moon and menstrual cycle clocks, they’re sitting above my desk, I’m staring at them every day, getting to know them. I enjoy reading and absorbing all the information about the 4 phases of my cycle, learning the mood of each and what sort of activities I may feel like, how I can honour myself most during that time… it’s early days yet but I will be fully observing and feeling it all and no doubt it will all deepen for me as I become more connected. I’m really loving that I’m doing this for myself.  

Elouise Bauskis

Natural Health Therapist

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you Samjhana Moon for my Inner Seasons bundle. I cannot recommend these clocks enough – all women and their partners, should have these in their lives! I’ve followed the natural rhythms of the moon for a long time, many moons in fact! But to finally connect with what is going on with my menstrual cycle has brought an increased state of enlightenment and understanding. Since following mine, and only for a short time already, it feels like I have brought some magic into my life. Thank you!

Natalie Austin

Yoga and Massage Therapist, loveyogatree.co.uk

If you’d told me three months ago that I’d be writing this testimonial I’d have laughed! To say I was sceptical would be an understatement. I REALLY didn’t think that what seems like a simple “clock” could make any difference to my energy, pain or productivity levels. I’m happy to say I was wrong!

Working in sync with my menstrual cycle is one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself. It’s taught me how to listen to my body, my period pain has decreased significantly and my energy levels are through the roof! It’s even deepened my relationship with my husband.

I’m a busy business owner and the last three months have been my most productive in ages – the proof is in my bank account!

Julia Bernard-Thompson

Income Accelerator Coach , juliabernardthompson.com

I love how the Inner Seasons clock and book distils the information to its essence in a way that’s so accessible and easy to work with. Samjhana’s beautiful photography, of women and nature through the seasons, captures the imagination and enhances one’s awareness of the journey through our natural cycles.

Mira Khanya

Movement Medicine Teacher, movementmedicinewithmira.com

I’m a busy woman living in the City and before I had my Inner Seasons clock my life was less intentional and more of impulsive. Now that I’m working with my Inner Seasons I’m experiencing more clarity, creativity and managing my time and energy efficiently.

I love my clock, it’s been really helpful for me in rekindling my relationship to my cycle and it’s allowed me to feel good about scheduling time for rest. I feel more at peace now and l know that I have the solution to my problems inside me. Thank you Samjhana!

Jonita D'souza

Feminine Lifestyle Expert , exploringfemininity.com

I’ve recently been moving through a time of many changes and the Inner Seasons clock and e-book has been a great reminder to me to stay grounded and present to the wisdom of my physical body. It’s been a wonderful tool to help me become more conscious of my body’s rhythm and has helped me honour and unlock deeper intuitive wisdom around my spiritual connection to the Earth and my greater life purpose.

The guidebook has really reaffirmed my intuition about my cyclical nature and reminded me to focus forward action in my personal and professional life when my energy is in full flow. This has helped me to give myself further permission to rest when I feel the need to and push only when I feel inspired to. As a result I’m experiencing an enhanced feeling of acceptance and harmony between body-mind-spirit.

What Samjhana and Charlie have co-created here is so inspiring, so fresh and so deeply needed by women all around the world. May the seeds you are sowing reach far and wide and help awaken many more women to the truth of their essence, their potential and their purpose.

Jayne Morris

Sustainable Success Coach, jaynemorris.com

I understand the value of staying in tune with the menstrual and lunar cycles so I had no hesitation in investing in the full bundle and was excited to have these tools to enhance my experience of living in a cyclical way.

Before I had my clocks I would keep track of where I’m at in my cycle but ONLY in my head! I’ve developed a much deeper awareness now and this has helped me to implement time for rest and time for activity in the phases when I need it the most. It’s also balancing my masculine and feminine energy which has increased my productivity.

I’ve read many books about menstruation and the moon cycle, Samjhana’s e-book is straightforward and easy to understand. The clocks make the experience more visual–plus, it is beautiful.

I love how I’ve been able to visualize my cycle and lunar phase at the same time and daily and knowing when exactly I transition to the next season in the cycle. The clocks are a beautiful reminder of where I’m at in my cycle and what is going on energetically in my life with the moon’s influence.

Sarah Howard

RN & Women's Holistic Health Educator

I was already tracking my cycles and living according to them before I had my Inner Seasons clock, but there’s something about having a visual reminder above my desk that helps me to plan my life more in accordance with my flow!!!

I’m more accepting of my cyclic nature now and this has improved my relationship with myself. I really enjoy each phase more and don’t feel the need to be in the energy of late spring/summer all the time when I feel my most productive and emotionally clear!!! The darkness of autumn and winter supports me to be more inward and reflective and the value I’ve place on this increases each month!!

Catherine Hale

Sexual empowerment coach, www.catherinehale.co.uk

Compared to other books on moon and menstruation the Inner Seasons system feels much easier than others as its very visual and beautiful to see my cycle turn from season to season. I’ve been really appreciating charting the moon and seeing how to this relates to my period which is something new to me and very powerful to see the moon plays such a big part for me.

Overall it gives me a greater sense of connection to my cycle and more of a realisation of how I change throughout the month. This feels massively supportive in allowing me to flourish and nourish as needed. The e-book gets to the point and gives all the information we need without having to wade through a massive book to get the juicy bits!

Now I understand its potency and the biggest change is in relating to my partner as I feel more empowered knowing what I need. I’ve also seen positive changes in my work, getting difficult things done in my business in the Spring and Summer seasons rather than trying to meet challenges when I’m in Autumn and then failing or getting stressed.

I’ve a greater love for my cycle now and I am really committed to using this awareness. It’s such a relief to not push myself at the times when I have done before. I’ve now made a note in my work diary a whole week before my period to show myself clearly when I need to slow down as I have realised the importance of that time coming by seeing it on the clock.

Lynsey Tiplady

I am so very happy with Inner Seasons Moon clock. I have Chronic Lyme’s disease which can present painful challenges at certain times of the lunar cycle. My Moon Phase clock helps me chart the parasitic load in my system, on full moon the little darlings have ‘wild sex’ then incubate waiting ever patiently for the New Moon phase to arrive, here they give birth, reeking havoc on my delicate system.

The moon clock helps me to anticipate and welcome my good days and prepare for my more challenging days, what a terrific tool it has been and continues to be. I also use it for my crystal cleansing and celebration.
Thank you Samjhana.


Geeking out over my beautiful first edition Inner Seasons Moon Dial! Thank you Samjhana Moon for this amazing gift to woman-kind. Welcoming living an awesome life in collaboration with my cycle.

Michelle Hebbard

Online Business Manager

I’m more productive, more authentic and getting better results with everything I do. I’ve worked with my feminine power for years and have struggled to find a mentor who can teach me more than I already know. Yet Samjhana blew me away. Her Inner Seasons concept deepened everything I knew and took it to the next level. Since implementing this I’ve gained greater awareness of how my own menstrual cycle interacts with the cycle of the moon and how I can use this to drive my business forward.

Tabitha Jayne

Professional Coach

Thank you Samjhana for re-awakening this most beautiful part of my soul. The Inner Seasons philosophy has re-connected me to a hugely important part of myself as a woman. Through Samjhana’s wisdom, her great heart, and her incredible visions, she reminded me to journey deeper within and ‘see’ that my true connection and understanding of who I am and the emotions which flow through my Inner Seasons that make me complete as a woman.

Gaia Rose

Spiritual Coach

I love watching my menstrual cycle moving around the clock with the moon cycle. It helps me to know where I am in relation to the greater order of things. The clocks are also supporting me in educating my family about appreciating women’s cycles and helps them better understand my needs from day to day.

Iona Cameron