Welcoming a new world with cyclical living

It’s time to welcome a more balanced, fertile way of being so we may rise rooted in harmony with the pulse of the natural world. The menstrual cycle and moon phases offer us a seasonal framework to remember and explore this connection.

Investing some time in a daily practice during these times of uncertainty can bring us great comfort. As we open to more self-awareness, we build our inner strength and resilience to change. The cycles of nature are a dependable source of energy and inspiration that no-one can take away.

Moon, Menstruation, and Menopause

Women are intrinsically connected with the moon through our menstrual cycle. The similarities of both length and dynamics of each phase are unmistakable. This 4 phase creative cycle of growth, fertility, release and rest is visible within the 4 seasons of the year. Which is why we refer to the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle as Inner Seasons and 4 phases of the Moon cycle as Lunar Seasons.

Visionary Phase

Time for envisioning new possibilities and gathering insights

Inner Winter

First days of Menstruation and a few days before

Our sex hormones oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone take a nose dive in the days before we bleed. This lack of stimulation can make us tired and cranky. It’s an invitation to enter a naturally meditative state and hibernate.

Lunar Winter

Dark/New Moon

There is a significant increase in negative ions at the new moon. They have a positive effect on our body, inviting a deep sense of well-being and enhancing our sensitivity.

Action Phase

Time to make plans and expand our vision

Inner Spring


Energising hormone oestrogen is on the rise making this the best time to stretch our comfort zone and try new things. If we can emerge from our Inner Winter hibernation, this can be a super productive time.

Lunar Spring

Waxing Moon

As the light of the moon increases, we may experience feelings of expansion and forward motion. The moon’s energy breathes new life to our ideas making this a great time for taking those first important steps towards our dreams.


Connection Phase

Time to indulge in the pleasures of life

Inner Summer

Ovulation and a few days before and after

High-vibe hormone oestrogen and sex hormone testosterone rise and peak at ovulation – a ‘mating mode’ combo that fires up our sex drive. We can also direct this loving energy to non-sexual relationships through tenderness and empathy.

Lunar Summer

Full Moon and 3 days before and after

The full moon invites us to experience our true emotions. She invites abundance and the blending of spirit and matter. This is a firey time of strength, love and power. Prepare to widen your horizon and get ready to stand in the light and shine!   


Grounding Phase

Time to slow down and focus on more routine tasks

Inner Autumn


Progesterone is the dominant hormone that makes us more introverted and reflective. Our energy levels and mental agility begin to decline making this the ideal time to withdraw from social events and make space in our schedule for self-care.


Lunar Autumn

Waning Moon

The diminishing light of the moon pulls us inwards for reflection. Self-assessment is prevalent and this voice can be truly fierce! Approaching this criticism with a positive mindset can highlight areas that need our attention and healing.

Menstruating women can work with both the moon and the menstrual cycle to add a deeper dimension to their day-to-day energetics.

Menopausal women can continue living cyclically by following the moon cycle. This can be a great comfort to women who miss their cyclical rhythm. Or who discover the menstrual cycle empowerment in their final reproductive years and feel they missed out.

Tracking the Inner and/or Lunar Seasons can help us uncover patterns in our behaviour and enhance our wellbeing. With this new awareness, we can forecast and dress appropriately for the weather within us. We can be kinder to ourselves in challenging times and push ahead when we’re fully energised.

As our seasonal awareness develops in this way, it helps us remember the language of the land beneath our feet so we are more in sync with the natural world. It repairs the broken relationship with our femininity so we can hear the whispers of our womb. Restoring our innate manifestation ability as we call upon the power of the moon.

Recovering this connection begins by tracking one or both cycles and noticing the phase we’re in. Daily awareness has tremendous power to transform our health and wealth as we make choices aligned with our natural rhythm.

It awakens the power of synchronicity in life and the joy of living in harmony with the natural world.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to bring these sacred cycles into our everyday lives, without the need for an app or an internet connection.

I must offer a disclaimer at this point. Side effects of living cyclically may include but are not limited to:
Greater confidence, expanded self-love, improved health, enhanced creativity, increased libido, spontaneous laughter, deep intuition, irresistible femininity, mental clarity, desire to create change, freedom from shame, release from pain, potent fertility, explosive orgasms, visionary dreams and everyday miracles.

Introducing our beautiful menstrual cycle and moon phase clocks.

The Inner Seasons Menstrual Clock tracks the day of your cycle and guides you to your own true north. Empowering you to know the best times to take part in activities that have a positive influence on our body, mind and spirit. Transforming the way you experience your body and life as a woman.

I’m a busy woman living in the City and before I had my menstrual cycle clock my life was less intentional and more of impulsive. Now that I’m working with each phase of my cycle I’m experiencing more clarity, creativity and managing my time and energy efficiently.

I love my clock, it’s been really helpful in rekindling my relationship to my cycle and it’s allowed me to feel good about scheduling time for rest. I feel more at peace now and l know that I have the solution to my problems inside me. Thank you Samjhana!

Jonita D'souza

Feminine Lifestyle Expert

I invite you to explore the energetics of these cycles through everyday awareness. When you establish a deep relationship with these essential cycles, you realise they’re happening FOR you not TO you. See how the world within and around you changes, as your creativity, joy and self-love expand.

There is so much more for us to experience in life when we are in flow with our natural rhythm. The magic has been inside you all along, you just have to discover it for yourself.

Menstruating women flow here

Non-menstruating women and men flow here

Notice the changing seasons in your menstrual or lunar cycle. Come home to your inner landscape, awaken your inner seasons and flow with the tides of the moon. Learn to see the patterns so you can forecast and dress appropriately for the weather within you. Allow life to be the dancer and surrender yourself to the dance.