Natural Cycles e-book

Discover your Inner Seasons with the Menstrual Cycle and Moon Phases

This beautifully illustrated 48 page digital guidebook is packed with practical, accessible information to help you align with the natural cycles and live a cyclical life. Now includes a bonus chapter: Navigating Premenstrual Challenges

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to work with the 4 phases or Inner Seasons of your menstrual cycle to nourish your body, balance your emotions, boost your creativity and create the life you desire.
  • Optimum times in your menstrual cycle for learning new skills, stretching comfort zones, nurturing relationships, sexual pleasure, relaxation and much much more!
  • How your hormones affect your productivity, physical performance and emotions and how to live ‘in flow’ with this natural rhythm.
  • Beautiful Sacred Feminine photography to help you connect with the Inner Seasons in a visceral way.
  • Dedicated pages for your intimate partner that suggest the best ways to support you and nurture your relationship in each phase of your cycle.
  • How to magnetise the life you desire by working with the four phases of the Moon.
  • How to navigate your premenstrual challenges with greater ease and set healthy boundaries.

I love how this e-book distils the information to its essence in a way that’s so accessible and easy to work with. Samjhana’s beautiful photography, of women and nature through the seasons, captures the imagination and enhances one’s awareness of the journey through our natural cycles.

Mira Khanya

Movement Medicine Facilitator , www.movementmedicinewithmira.com

This guidebook has really reaffirmed my intuition about my cyclical nature and reminded me to focus forward action in my personal and professional life when my energy is in full flow. This has helped me to give myself further permission to rest when I feel the need to and push only when I feel inspired to. As a result I’m experiencing an enhanced feeling of acceptance and harmony between body-mind-spirit.

Jayne Morris

Sustainable Success Coach, www.jaynemorris.com

I’ve read many books about menstruation and the moon cycle. This one is straightforward and easy to understand. I have the clock as well and that makes the experience more visual–plus, it is beautiful.

Sarah Howard

RN & Women's Holistic Health Educator

This guidebook gets to the point and gives all the information we need without having to wade through a massive book to get the juicy bits! I’ve a greater love for my cycle now and I am really committed to using this awareness.

Lynsey Tiplady