How to boost your intentions with tenderness and envision a bright new world

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While a new cycle is a powerful signal for a fresh start, I’d like you to remember one important thing… New beginnings are a delicate time. They require tenderness and patience. Like a newborn baby, we can feel fragile and tired from the birthing journey.

These first days of our arrival are precious, be it a new year, a new Moon, or the start of our period, the energetics are the same. With this new start, the temptation to get active with our new projects and resolutions is strong. But this would be premature and it’s the reason that many of our intentions fail to take shape. Just as a tree that blossomed before the last frost, the fruits would never form and the harvest would fail. 

Frosty Winter Oak TreeWhen we align our life with the natural cycles, we use this new beginning to lean into deep rest. Here we allow space for daydreaming and meditation which gives voice our higher-self. It’s an opportunity to explore our vision for the new cycle and connect with it in its fullness. To breathe our intentions into our physical and emotional body, where they can take root and grow strong. Instead of being another idea in our mind that is easily replaced by the next shiny thing that catches our attention. 

This wisdom has been programmed out of us by a society that wants us to conform to a linear way of living. A path of consistency, production and profit. But humans are not built that way and non-stop busyness isn’t sustainable, healthy, or joyful. 

We are creative cyclical beings that ebb and flow with the seasons. beyond our conditioned, limited view of ourselves and the story we’ve been sold, we are all so individual. We are born with massive creative potential and unique gifts to offer the world but somehow we forget. It’s time for every one of us to remember our innate power. To get out of our own way and allow the changes to move through us.

Change really is the only constant in life. One thing we can fully rely upon. Finding our peace with change helps us feel stronger and more capable of moving with challenging times.

One of the best ways I know to find ease with change and make space for deep rest is to track and tune into the natural cycles of menstruation and moon. As you journey around the 4 phases with awareness, you’ll feel more in tune with your body’s rhythm and with the changes happening in the world around you. 

When life is challenging, relaxation and sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice. Rest and sleep are considered a luxury by many busy people but they are as vital to our wellbeing as a balanced diet, water and exercise. When we deeply rest we reset and recharge our natural rhythms including our immune and hormonal systems. So getting some extra Zzz’s in at the optimum point in the cycle is potent medicine you don’t want to miss. 

Inner and Lunar Winter PhaseDuring the menstrual cycle, this is the Inner Winter when we have our period. All our hormones are low at this time and without their stimulation, our intuition is at its highest point in the cycle. In the Moon cycle, it’s the Lunar Winter or New moon phase. The negative ions have a positive effect on our wellbeing and visioning is deep. In the seasonal year, it’s the Winter when we naturally want to hibernate.

So as each new cycle begins, I invite you to pause before taking action on resolutions and intentions. Take time to dive deeply into your vision for yourself, your family and the world. So it grows strong roots and supports you through whatever changes life has in store.

The time for action is coming with the turn of the seasons. When we’ve fully integrated the lessons of the last cycle through rest and reflection. When those Autumn leaves have decomposed and nourished the earth. It’s then that we’ll plant our seeds of intention in rich fertile soil. 

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