Align your actions to the optimum times in your menstrual cycle and moon phases to access your heightened abilities and unused power.

Who is the Inner Seasons Wisdom Dial for?

The Wisdom dial is for you if you who want to love being a woman EVERY day of the month and you’re looking for at-a-glance, practical guidance on for the 4 phases, or ‘Inner Seasons’ to help you align your schedule and be ‘in flow’. Living ‘in flow’ with your cycle will save you time and you’ll succeed at more tasks which will naturally build your confidence in all areas of life.

This system can work for women of all ages and men interested in working with the moon cycles. It is most beneficial for women who have a natural menstrual cycle (no hormonal contraceptives), with additional benefits for family members to increase awareness of the natural cycles of moon and menstruation. There are pages dedicated to partner support and moon phase energetics in each seasonal section of the guidebook.

Do you notice there are times of the month when you feel energised and upbeat and others lethargic and gloomy? That’s because women are naturally cyclical, we’re guided by fluctuations in our hormone levels that affect our energy, emotions, sexuality and concentration. Every month we transition between 2 points of fertility and menstruation that mirror the seasons of nature. Winter is when we have a period and feel a desire to rest and hibernate, summer is when we’re fertile and feel our most confident and sensual.

The fluctuations of our menstrual cycle and the moon phases cause mood swings, inability to focus, energy slumps and physical discomfort that can disrupt our plans. As a result, we can experience lack of libido, fertility issues, weight imbalances, sleep disturbances and irregular or painful periods. All this puts a strain on our relationships, creates pressure at work and we find ourselves settling for less.

Working mindfully with the new and full moon energies we can attract more abundance and manifest the life we desire.

As our beautiful moon sweeps around the Earth, its gravitational pull has an incredible effect on nature and bodies of water. With awareness of the energy of the moon phases, both men and women can have healthier bodies, discover a greater connection with nature and within our communities.
The simple act of making wishes at the new moon can give power to our intentions as we begin a new cycle. At full moon we have the power to connect with and release our negative emotions by forgiving ourselves and others and filling that space with gratitude which will naturally attract more abundance into our lives.

What they never told us in school:

There’s so much more to your cycle beyond pms, period pain and ovulation… Did you know your hormonal fluctuations allow you to access your emotional intelligence? The energetics and the duration of the four phases of the moon and the menstrual cycle are remarkably similar.

You might currently be suppressing your cycle with painkillers, contraceptive pills or injections to avoid the common discomforts and inconveniences of your menstrual cycle. Are you aware the pill’s side effects can have long term consequences on your health? Do you suspect there must be a natural alternative, or some missing information? You’re right, there is!

The Four Seasons

Often we only think of the 4 seasons as budding trees in spring or the fiery displays in autumn, yet the pattern of seasons can be seen in the natural rhythm of all living things.

We are born from the blood of the womb into our youth (spring, age 0-20); we enter our fertile years (summer, 20-40); we mature and pass on our life wisdom (autumn, 40-60); and we reflect and contain our energy (winter, 60+). We often come full circle to spring again in our final years. We also experience the cycles of seasons in a day (night is winter, summer is midday).
The summary of inner seasons below is an outline of how to be ‘in the flow’ of the energies of the moon and menstrual cycle.


Intuitive Phase. Containing energies in the inner World.
Dark/New Moon. Menstruation phase and a few days before.

Do less, stargaze, withdraw, turn inwards, be gentle, make sleep a hobby, recharge, daydream, meditate, cleanse, release, surrender to stillness, trust inner guidance, explore life options, make wishes, set intentions, dream big, stretch your body and your horizons, breathe deep.


Action Phase. Transitioning energies to the outer World.
Waxing Moon. Post-menstruation – Follicular phase.

Rise-up, awaken your being, be adventurous, run wild, socialise, communicate ideas, feed your mind, drink it all in, begin new projects, be courageous, take action, learn new skills, prioritise tasks, write affirmations, stretch comfort zones, glass half full, not half empty, keep your head up.


Loving Phase. Sustaining energies in the outer World.
Full Moon. Ovulation – Fertile phase.

Eyes wide open, sensory pleasures, feel the love, express gratitude, nurture relationships, grow projects, celebrate success, be bold, show compassion, stand in the spotlight, howl at the moon, change the world, receive without forgetting, give without remembering, be the light.


Grounding Phase. Transitioning to the inner World.
Waning Moon. Premenstruum – Luteal Phase.

Slow down, reflect, brainstorm, explore healthy boundaries, power nap, de-clutter, delegate tothose you trust, get creative, bring order to chaos, meet your inner critic, dare to change the story,relax your body, soothe your soul, let go, roar, then let go some more, prepare to nest.

Our products have everything you need whether you are:

a complete novice – the guidebook will explain everything you need to know about working with your menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases to access the heightened abilities and unused power of your natural cycles.
an advanced, cycle-wise woman looking for practical guidance on how to live more ‘in-flow’ with your menstrual cycle in the 21st century.
looking to manifest your best life with the powerful ritual of working with the moon phases.
earning a simple language to educate your partner and/or children about your menstrual cycle.

Women’s Wisdom Dial (Clock, Poster & Guidebook)
The World’s 1st automated menstrual cycle and moon phase clock comes with a chart poster and 48-page guidebook designed for busy women who want practical guidance on how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases.

Chart Poster (2 sizes available)
At-a-glance, practical guidance on for the 4 phases, or ‘Inner Seasons’. This poster features over 50 words and phrases to help you tune into your Inner Seasons.

Women’s Circle Cloth
Beautiful cloth as a central altar and beautiful focal point to enhance your Women’s Circles. – Access the heightened abilities and unused power of each phase when you gather around the wisdom the Inner Seasons.

Essential Guide (downloadable pdf)
Discover the energetics and of the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle beyond PMS, periods and ovulation with this introduction to the Inner Seasons.

Who is the Women's Wisdom Dial for?
We’ve designed this system for busy women who want practical guidance on how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases.
How will I benefit from using the Women's Wisdom Dial?
Love being a woman every day of the month. Create space by achieving more in less time. Reduce stress, be healthier and feel happier. Manage your birth-control and fertility naturally. Rekindle the fire in your sexuality and creativity. Understand your hormones in simple terms. Enhance your relationships at home and work. Boost your intuition and problem solving skills. Rediscover your child-like sense of adventure.
How long will it take for me to get started?
On average about 45 mins initially and then just 5-10 minutes a week will be enough to familiarise yourself with each season. We also offer services to help you further your menstrual and moon education and deepen your understanding if you wish.
How does it work?
The battery powered wall-clock tracks your menstrual cycle and the moon phases by rotating its hands once every 29 days. You set the hands to align with your menstrual cycle and the moon phase once a month. The Red hand shows the day of your menstrual cycle. The Silver hand shows the current Moon Phase. The beautifully illustrated guidebook, with original images by Samjhana Moon, will inspire an intimate connection to your cyclic nature. For each phase of the cycle you’ll find practical information to help you live life in the flow of your hormonal and lunar tides. We’ve also included suggestions for your partner to help them support your flow.
My cycle is irregular, will it work for me?
Yes it can still work for you and you may find your cycle regulates as you become more aware of your cycle.
My cycle is more or less than 29 days, will it work for me?
Yes it can still work for you. I recommend setting your dial twice a month, on day 1 of your cycle and again midway at ovulation for better accuracy. If you’re not sure when you ovulate, tips are given in the guidebook. The dial is a mechanical movement and may not be 100% accurate every month but it will give you a good indication day by day of which phase of your cycle you’re in.
I'm taking birth-control will the dial work for me?
Yes you can still work with the dial and guidebook although you may not experience the influences so strongly as your body is not in control of your hormones.