The Global Impact of Living Cyclically

People all around the world are seeking a better way to live that supports our natural resources. Restoring our relationship with the rhythms of nature is medicine the world desperately needs right now. Our planet needs allies to rise above the destruction. Let her know you stand with her by noticing and harmonising with her cycles and seasons. Recognise that these cycles of creation are alive within you. They are happening for you, not to you.

We’re all suffering with amnesia to some extent. We’ve forgotten our interconnectedness with the wild and the joy of embracing a cyclical way of living. Because we’re living in the frame of a rectangular world with hard edges and restrictions and this won’t lead humanity out of the painful mess we’re in today.

Mother Nature is calling us home to remember the depths of our cyclical being-ness. To actively take part in the cycles of life and embrace a fresh way of experiencing the world. She’s inviting us to reclaim our sovereignty as women and reignite our passion for transformation, healing and ritual. To embrace the abundant gifts of the sacred feminine and masculine living in harmony.

I’m curious to discover what awaits us on this incredible journey home. I believe we can redirect our lives in the way we want them to evolve. We have borrowed this land from the future generations and their manifestation powers are behind us like a flock of angels. We gotta jump in the slipstream of life with a whole lot of trust and flow flow flow!

Life will manifest and evolve in its own way, we cannot control it, only flow with it. Like shaping a clay pot on a spinning wheel, we must feel our way with the earth.