The Women’s Wisdom Dial is co-created by visionary couple Samjhana Moon and Charlie Taillard who live in Totnes, an eco settlement town in Devon UK.


After many years of working closely with nature’s rhythms, Samjhana wanted a tool that would simplify and connect the her menstrual cycle and the phases the moon. She wanted something tangible and beautiful she could look at in her home that would keep her connected to her flow, and so the Women’s Wisdom Dial was born. Samjhana used her beautiful nature and Goddess photography to enhance the guidebook and Charlie’s phenomenal design skills brought the project to life. The dial's face is a solid, quality material made from re-cycled paper and eco-resin and it’s made and shipped from Cornwall, UK. It's shipped without the use of plastics and all packaging is recyclable. 



About Samjhana  

Samjhana Moon is a Photographic Artist and Natural Cycles Mentor who helps women align with nature's rhythm and live a juicy fulfilled life by working with hormonal and lunar tides. Samjhana is a visionary who has been re-defining cultural ideas of femininity since 2009. Samjhana was recently awarded People's Choice Speaker for TEDx Totnes. 

Samjhana’s services include:
Online Classes and Workshops - Coming Soon!
One-to-One Mentoring
Women Only Retreats
The Goddess Photography Experience 


From Period Pain to Period Pleasure

"In my teens I suffered unbearably painful periods and was prescribed the contraceptive pill to suppress my cycle for 18 years. This never felt like the right solution and I had many failed attempts to come off it until discovering the work of Alexandra Pope. I was so relieved, her book ‘The Wild Genie’ meant I could finally begin my healing journey. 9 years on and with the help of other menstruation mentors I’ve completely transformed my relationship to my cycle, to my monthly bleed and I’m delighted to say that a few mild cramps is all I experience today.

I’m not a qualified doctor, nurse, nutritionist or practioner of any type of known therapy, nor do I wish to train as one. I am an artist, I see beauty all around me and I use my photographic art to transform perspectives and heal wounded hearts. I use colour and nature’s elements to inspire connection and awaken people to the wonder of life giving force that lives within us all. This guidebook is intended to bring the beauty back to our menstruation, to reignite our connection with our true nature as life givers. I’ve drawn upon many sources to offer a summary of the juiciest and most practical guidance to help busy women get more from their day-to-day activities.

Painful and/or irregular periods are extremely common and are often a sign that things are out of balance. If you suffer with cramps, vomiting, loose bowel, fainting or any other adverse symptoms then I can truly empathise. I can also say with confidence that you can move past this. Like me, many women around the world have healed themselves naturally, of period pain but also of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, endometriosis, thyroid and adrenal issues. And like me, they’ve made it their mission to help women with what they’ve learned on their journey.

I recommend many great books for further reading. My intention with the Women’s Wisdom Dial is to provide a tool that compliments the work of these great Authors. Natural solutions are circulating in the growing sisterhood of women around the world. A sisterhood of women who are committed to becoming fluent in the language of our bodies and live in partnership with our hormonal tides"


About Charlie

Charlie had passion for art and design from a young age and attended art school in Strasburg Ecole des Arts Decoratifs. He lived a bohemian lifestyle for many years and was inspired by nature’s harmony on his travels around the world. Charlie discovered Mandalas during his time in India and Tibet where he developed a love and understanding for sacred geometry. Blending his physical artwork and photography with digital animations has produced many inspirational artworks including this flower of life animated mandala which has received 250,000 views.

He set up his own design company in 1998 You Are Not Limited. His work as a Creative Director, Graphic Designer and VJ  has supported Artists, Music Festivals, Entrepreneurs and Blue Chips internationally.  

He is currently working on a new project Phosphere, an interactive digital portal illuminating the healing benefits of sacred geometry and it’s relationship with nature.