One-to-One Mentoring

Hello there!

One-to-one mentoring is the opportunity to explore how you can nurture and love all 4 phases in a way that suits your lifestyle. I can help you to harness the power of the womb and moon to experience better relationships, balance your emotions and achieve more in life so you feel truly blessed to be a woman.

I’m currently in the process of creating some new offers and I can’t wait to share them with you!

If you’re seeking guidance with a particular issue you can contact me here.

I’ve worked with my feminine power for years and I’ve struggled to find a mentor who can teach me more than I already know. Yet Samjhana blew me away. The Inner Seasons concept deepened everything I knew and took it to the next level. Since implementing this I’ve gained greater awareness of how my menstrual cycle interacts with the cycle of the moon and how I can use this to drive my business forward. Now I’m more productive, more authentic and getting better results with everything I do.

Tabitha Jayne

Professional Coach