Does everyone hate their period?

Thousands of us women are making peace with our ‘inconvenient periods’ and realising that being inquisitive about our menstrual cycle, learning to listen to the subtle signals of our body, can open many doors and provide solutions in different areas of our life where we previously felt stuck.

You may have heard of women ‘tracking’ their menstrual cycle to predict when their period is due or to know when they’re fertile, but there’s so much more for you to experience beyond these two pivotal biological functions. As you connect with your body’s natural rhythm, you’ll discover how the hormonal cycle is a powerful tool for developing a deeper understanding of who you are; it can help us heal our ‘story’, grow beyond our limitations and into the women we were born to be. 

Fluctuations in productivity, physical performance and emotions often take us by surprise when we’re not aware of how our hormones influence our day-to-day lives. But with awareness of these changes, patterns will emerge and we can learn to work with our natural ebb and flow, discovering our own true north. Then, our life becomes nothing short of magical!  

Women around the world are now recognising their menstrual cycle as the gateway to becoming the very best woman they can be. They’re using their hormonal fluctuations like superpowers and you can join this revolution!

The Inner Seasons Menstrual Clock has been designed to help you stay present to the wisdom of your physical body and live ‘in flow’ with your natural rhythm. With daily awareness of where you are in your cycle, you’ll be self-compassionate instead of self-critical, and be confident stretching your comfort zones when your body and brain chemistry is primed for a challenge.

The Inner Seasons Menstrual clock supports your menstrual cycle adventures by guiding you to your own true North through an empowering adventure that transforms the way you experience your body and life as a woman.

I’m a busy woman living in the City and before I had my Inner Seasons clock my life was less intentional and more of impulsive. Now that I’m working with my Inner Seasons I’m experiencing more clarity, creativity and managing my time and energy efficiently.

I love my clock, it’s been really helpful for me in rekindling my relationship to my cycle and it’s allowed me to feel good about scheduling time for rest. I feel more at peace now and l know that I have the solution to my problems inside me. Thank you Samjhana!

Jonita D'souza

Feminine Lifestyle Expert

The four Inner Seasons

There are 4 distinct phases of the menstrual cycle of growth, fertility, release, and rest that are similar in nature to the 4 seasons of the year, which is why I refer to them as Inner Seasons. Becoming mentally aware of the energetics of this natural life cycle and how each phase affects the body and brain chemistry, we can re-learn the wisdom of the body and hear the whispers of our womb.

This summary of Inner Seasons below is a brief outline of the hormonal rhythm and how to be ‘in flow’ with the energetics of the menstrual cycle.


Visionary Phase Menstruation and a few days before

Our hormones oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone reach their lowest point in the days before we bleed. With this lack of stimulation, our body and brain chemistry enters a naturally meditative state and we want to hibernate. The veil between our analytical left brain and the feeling right brain is at its thinnest now, making this the best time for envisioning new possibilities and gathering insights for the month ahead.


Action Phase   Post-menstruation 

Energising hormone oestrogen is on the rise making this the best time to stretch our comfort zone and try new things. If we’ve rested during our Inner Winter Season we’ll have increased energy, be more confident and reach for our dreams with a deeper sense of self-belief. With our determination on a high, we’re super productive and can take action on intentions set in our Inner Winter Season, knowing they will soon bear fruit.


Connection Phase Ovulation and a few days after.

Love, pleasure and lusciousness are the theme of this phase. High-vibe hormone oestrogen and sex hormone testosterone peak at ovulation – a ‘mating mode’ combo that fires up our sex drive. Our tenderness and compassion are also running high and we have a remarkable ability to strengthen and deepen our personal and professional relationships now. Inner Summer is the best time to speak up, share our ideas and move mountains.


Grounding Phase Post-ovulation and Premenstruum.

This phase in our cycle can be difficult to navigate as we shift from the ‘doing’ half of our cycle into the ‘being’ half. Progesterone is the dominant hormone that makes us more introverted and reflective. Our energy levels and mental agility begin to decline making this the ideal time to withdraw from social events, make space in our busy schedule for self-care and to review our successes and challenges from the spring and summer phases.

Why do I have PMS?

Suffering with symptoms like PMS, mood swings and period pain is common yes, but not as normal as society would have you believe. It’s actually our body’s way of trying to get our attention; these undesirable symptoms are saying: “Something is unbalanced, I need you to make a change”. So instead of seeing the discomfort as an inconvenience and sweeping it under the carpet, we can choose to welcome it as an opportunity to heal, find peace with our hormonal cycle, and develop a positive relationship with our body.

You might currently be suppressing symptoms of your cycle with painkillers, contraceptive pills or injections to avoid discomfort or the inconvenience of your period. I know, as this was my story too. But these methods only mask the underlying problem and come with a host of side effects that can have long-term consequences on our health and fertility. There are many natural alternatives available and, with guidance and focus, you can heal your pain and find pleasure within your menstrual cycle. I’m living proof of that fact, as I suffered with chronic period pain and PMS from my teens. Now you can heal your story too.

How can I feel better about my menstrual cycle?

Daily awareness and education about the changes within our body create a powerful shift in our consciousness and present a new, creative experience of being a woman, where we feel supported and capable of riding the hormonal waves. The Inner Seasons Menstrual clock is a great tool to help you get started with this. Hand in hand with awareness, are essential lifestyle changes to reduce stress; this may include changes to your eating habits and nutritional supplements. If you suffer with symptoms like PMS, PMDD or period pains then you may like to consider contacting me for some private mentoring sessions so we can address your specific issues.

What’s the relationship between the Moon and my Menstrual Cycle?

Did you know the Moon’s cycle is 29.5 days which is similar in duration to the average woman’s menstrual cycle? Women are intrinsically connected to the cycles of nature and the Moon and the energetics of the four phases of the Moon and the menstrual cycle are remarkably similar. Many women like to track the Moon cycle as well as their menstrual cycle and also, once we’re no longer in our reproductive years, we may like to continue living in a cyclical way. This is why you’ll find Moon Phase Clocks available on our products page.