Moon Phase clock

Full Spectrum Flower of Life

The vibrant colour of this Flower of Life design brings full spectrum, sacred geometry into your space. It makes a lovely focal point for your altar or meditation space while telling you the current Moon phase.

This Moon Phase clock makes a full rotation in 29.5 days and is battery powered so you’ll always know what phase the Moon is in. Yep, it doesn’t tell you the time of day, it tells you the current Moon phase! So cool right?

What’s in the box?

  • Moon Phase Clock –15cm / 5.90” Real glass-domed window and aluminum bezel. Ready to hang (requires 1 x AA battery not included) Ready to hang (requires 1 x AA battery not included)
  • Inspirational picture card with original photography by Samjhana Moon
  • Downloadable quick start guide: How to align and manifest with the four moon phases

Did you know: The Moon’s cycle is 29.5 days which is similar in duration to the average woman’s menstrual cycle. You see, women are intrinsically connected to the cycles of nature. Interestingly the four phases of the Moon have remarkably similar qualities to the menstrual cycle. Many women like to track the Moon cycle; this becomes especially relevant once we’re no longer in our reproductive years, as it enables us to continue living in a cyclical way.


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Our products come with a one years warranty, however this does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer under The Sale of Goods Act. If you do have any issues after a year, we will still do our best to ensure you remain a satisfied customer. We will happily repair a clock, free of charge, even if it falls outside the warranty date.


The moons pictured on the dial will not appear the same as they are in your sky. For example the crescent moon as it waxes from new to full in the southern hemisphere appears like a C shape in the sky, whereas here in the Northern hemisphere it is reversed.

To clarify: The new and full moon will be the same, it will only be the waxing and waning moon that will appear differently on your dial. The dial is still fully functional and will still be correct in the waxing and waning phase, just the shape of the moon will be mirror image of what you see in the sky.