What are Inner Seasons?

Often we only think of the 4 seasons as an annual occurrence, but this 4-fold rhythm is the natural cycle of all living things. Women are naturally cyclical, every month we transition between 2 points of fertility and menstruation that mirror the seasons of nature. Winter is when we have a period and feel a desire to rest and hibernate, Summer is when we're fertile and feel our most confident and sensual.

Many women experience this rise and fall of energy throughout the month but only a few harness the full power of this natural rhythm and that's because we've never been taught how. With a mindful approach to our menstrual cycle we can align our schedule to become more successful in all that we do and achieve more in less time. And the best part is... it only takes a few mintes a day to tap into this amazing resource of energy and start living your life in an empowered and creative way with our Women's Wisdom Dial.

With awareness of the Inner Seasons of your cycle you’ll gain access the heightened abilities and unused power of each phase that will give you confidence in every area of your life. The summary of seasons below shows the 4 phases of our monthly cycle when certain skills and super powers available to us.


Menstruation Phase and a few days before.

Super low Oestrogen/Progesterone.

We’re lethargic, intuitive, sensitive and reflective. Emotional turmoil is common in this phase. Ideally this is a time of stillness, to hibernate, rest and day-dream. Accept the invitation to enter a naturally meditative state to discover inner wisdom and guidance for the month ahead.


Post-menstruation, Follicular Phase.

Happy hormone Oestrogen is on the rise.

We love being busy and are chatty, articulate and fun to be around. Optimism, sharp mental focus and physical stamina are ours! Take up a health regime or learn new skills. We’re adventurous and playful, making this the best time in your cycle for stretching comfort zones.


Fertile phase - Ovulation.

Oestrogen and Testosterone peak

Our most expressive and confident time of the month, when we’re flirtatious and sensual. A great time for love, socialising and nurturing relationships. Watch your wallet, we love to splurge now! Celebrate your successes, go out dancing, and stand in the light and shine!


Pre-menstrual phase, Luteal Phase.

Oestrogen plunges - Progesterone dominates.

Often the most challenging time in our cycle; our inner critic can be fierce and relationships difficult, as we become more introverted. Channel your energy into creative time alone, put things in order and delegate tasks to make space for the up-coming winter.

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