We recommend

Alexandra Pope - The Wild Genie
Teacher of the Inner Seasons concept and our number one fan of the ​Wisdom Dial.
Great all round book to get your started with de-coding period issues... this one changed my life.

The Pill: Are You Sure It's For You?
If you’re considering coming off the Contraceptive Pill this book has all you need to know about restoring your health and re-claiming your natural cycle.

Miranda Gray - Red Moon ​
Spiritual approach to menstruation with ​fascinating folklore/fairy tale reference​s and exploration of the 4 phases of the cycle.

​Lara Owen - Her Blood is Gold
Wonderful book for learning about the practice of ancient cultures and ritual. Explores physical, emotional, spiritual and practical dimensions of menstruation.​

Alisa Vitti - Woman Code
A must read! COS Expert and healer of all things hormone related using nutrition and lifestyle to find balance.

Lara Briden - Period Repair Manual

Great book for isolating symptoms and restoring balance to your cycle.

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