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Samjhana Moon is a photographic artist. She is also a visionary. Samjhana has taken her innate ability to capture the essence of people and places using the medium of photography into another dimension. She is passionate about redefining our cultural ideas of beauty and femininity by revealing the beauty inside every woman, irrespective of age, size or lifestyle.

Since her first exhibition in 2009, Samjhana has helped hundreds of women say ‘YES’ to themselves. Revealing a person’s inner beauty can be transformational for the person involved. Her portrait gallery reveals not only the ability to make people feel at ease in front of the camera but also the rare gift of placing her subjects in natural settings that allows them to connect to their true and elemental selves. At the deepest level Samjhana’s work has supported women recovering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Samjhana began her journey into personal and spiritual development in her mid-teens and is passionate about conscious evolution. She fell in love with portrait photography at college and later developed a passion for landscape photography that inspired her to visit some of the most beautiful places on earth. An intrepid traveller, Samjhana spent 6 years exploring the world in her mid 20’s and early 30’s. Each of her trips was as much a pilgrimage of self-discovery as it was a physical journey.

“Photography has always been a medium for capturing beauty for me and I’m excited to explore and promote this as a healing art-form. I’ve traveled the world in search of wilderness and found my own sense of self through the environment and the emotions each scene would invoke in me. Today I help other women find a deeper sense of self through working with the cycles, seasons and elements of nature. I provide a visual journey that helps to propel a woman forwards in life with a greater sense of self and the printed portraits serve as powerful tools of transformation.

There are few moments more rewarding in my life than when a woman I’ve photographed says say ‘Wow is that really me?’”


FLOW Visioning Call

By understanding your inner seasons you'll begin to live a more balanced life, feel empowered and develop greater confidence in all that you do.

When you spend 90 mins with Samjhana on the phone she will:

  • Help you understand the natural cycles so you can access the unused power and heightened abilities of the menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases.
  • Address areas of your cycle that are challenging and offer you practical solutions to shift you from pain to power.
  • Share with you some of her key personal habits and tools that help her to succeed and her dream life.

You'll also get free access to our Private Facebook Community where we can share experiences and grow cycle-wise together. 

Your FLOW CALL is an investment of £97.00*

Calls are arranged ideally by Skype, Facetime or by phone if more convenient. You will receive an interactive calendar with available time slots and a questionnaire for my pre-work. 


"I’m more productive, more authentic and getting better results with everything I do. 

I’ve worked with my  feminine power for years and have struggled to find a mentor who can teach me more than I already know.  Yet Samjhana blew me away.  In 1 hour she gave me a powerful strategy that deepened everything I knew and took it to the next level.  Since implementing this I’ve gained greater awareness of how my own menstrual cycle interacts with the cycle of the moon and how I can use this to drive my business forward. "

Tabitha Jayne
Certified Professional Coach for bright soulful women

"Thank you Samjhana for re-awakening this most beautiful part of my soul. 

I do heaps of work with the Goddess energies & know how the outward seasons & changes can effect us women. Samjhana's Inner Seasons philosophy has re-connected me to a hugely important part of myself as a woman. Through Samjhana's wisdom, her great heart, and her incredible visions, she reminded me to journey deeper within and 'see' that my true connection and understanding of who I am and the emotions which flow through my Inner Seasons that make me complete as a woman".

Gaia Rose
Spiritual Coach For Women

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